Building A Table For Wheelchair Access

We recently built a table to accommodate a client in a wheelchair. Without needing to get into all the details, she has been in her current home for much longer than she has been in a wheelchair. This is important because it means her home and furniture purchased or arranged with wheelchair access in mind, and in this case the table was not doing her any favors. 

How to Care For Your Table

Ok… so you’ve just spent good money on a high quality table, or perhaps you want to have a beautiful table custom made for you.  You’re worried you’ll ruin it right away or that your grandkids will beat it up or that you’ll get all kinds of stains on it during the holidays when you have guests.

Why Your Home Needs Walnut

If you’re looking for a new custom dining table or showpiece furniture, walnut is one of the best wood options available. Similar to reclaimed oak, walnut can be made as classic or as modern as you’d like, meaning you can use walnut in a rustic farmhouse style living room or in a modern city condo. Here are some top reasons why you should consider walnut as the wood to use in your next project: