Farmhouse Styles and Ideas For Your Home

“Farmhouse” is one of the most popular trends in home décor right now. Farmhouse style is a shift back to minimalist, simple furniture that reminds us of America’s roots. Farmhouse style is often warm and homey. If you’re interested in creating a farmhouse aesthetic in your home, here are some ideas.

Idea #1: Add A Large Farmhouse Style Table

One of the easiest and most common ways to create a farmhouse theme in your home is with a large dining table. Reclaimed wood is the top choice for a farmhouse style table. Reclaimed wood comes from old floors, joists, and beams that were used as construction materials hundreds of years ago in old barns or mills. Reclaimed wood beams have saw marks from tools used to cut boards in the 1800's and holes from the nails that held the structures together. They also have more depth on their surface, most splits and divots.

ryan barn

Depending on the type of reclaimed wood you choose, farmhouse tables can be a variety of colors. Oak is a great option, and it's a very common reclaimed construction wood. Oak comes in light khaki and tan hues all the way to browns. Pine is another option. It’s usually lighter than oak and is most likely going to be stained darker in the finished product.  

reclaimed barn board

Idea #2: Avoid Bright Colors

Because farmhouse style is all about simplicity and older times, it’s unlikely you want to accentuate your farmhouse living room with bright pink or purple items. Natural colors like tans, browns, creams, and muted blues or yellows can create a cozy feel in any room. One of the best ways to maintain a simple backdrop to your farmhouse is to use neutral paint colors. 

This isn’t to say you can’t use color at all. A pop of yellow or green may look great if it’s something you enjoy, but to achieve farmhouse style you should consider using it sparingly. 


Idea #3: Add Distressed or Old Décor

To build upon the rustic feel of a farmhouse dining table or coffee table, you can add accent pieces that also have a distressed feel. Milk crates can make great centerpieces on a coffee table. You can use shiplap on your walls to build dimension and add more farmhouse style to your walls. A vintage chest or piece of luggage can not only create the theme you’re looking for, but can also be used for storage. 

Be sure to not overdo the accent pieces. It’s easy to go overboard and for your farmhouse style room to look tacky. Don’t cover your walls in sunflower wallpaper or hang a bunch of paintings with barnyard animals to try to maintain a farmhouse theme. Because farmhouse is, after all, about simplicity not about commercialism, it’s about DIY not internationally made cheap decor. 


A Word of Caution: Don’t be Duped by “Good” Deals

If you find a farmhouse style table that’s made from “reclaimed wood” for just a couple hundred dollars, know that this is likely new wood that’s been artificially warped, marked, or chemically stained to try to create a reclaimed finish. The fact of the matter is that reclaimed wood isn’t cheap. It’s in high demand and there’s a limited supply—there’s only so many 100+ year old barns left in the US after all. A true reclaimed wood farmhouse table will last much longer than a newer table because it’s had years to dry out, meaning it’ll be stronger than new wood and much less likely to warp over time. 


Cannon Hill Woodworking specializes in farmhouse style tables made from reclaimed oak. We pick all of our reclaimed oak boards ourselves to ensure our product is the highest quality possible. We only build a piece after discussing exactly what our clients need. To learn more about options for a farmhouse style table or to make an appointment to visit our showroom, give us a call today at 857-576-2089. We’d love to help you furnish your dream farm style interior.