The Process of Buying Custom Furniture

The world of retail furniture is inundated with options and it can feel overwhelming. The majority of clients come to us because they know that the quality and craftsmanship of a Cannon Hill table far surpasses anything that can be found online or in a “high end” overpriced furniture store. I’d say about half of our clients have never bought a piece of custom furniture before and perhaps they didn’t set out to before contacting us.

Many people reach out with a saga of looking online and in furniture store and finding options that just didn’t seem right. By this time, they have a pretty good sense of what they want. Whether you have already honed in on a material and design, or are wide open to options, the process of commissioning a custom furniture piece is easy and enjoyable.


Step 1: Inquiry

Cannon Hill Woodworking has a great drag and drop tool on our website if you’ve already seen or taken photographs of furniture pieces that you like or that inspire your design. This is a great way to start. If you’re wide open, that’s ok too, but we are likely going to ask you to look on our website or elsewhere for some pieces that you like. Often we end up designing elements of the piece, or the entire piece, for our clients. This is fine, and we love doing it, but we will only do it after a deposit has been paid. We will however discuss the build in detail and give you a final or near final pricing before a deposit invoice. 

Step 2: Initial questions and details- back and forth

Most often, there are a few items to discuss. This requires a few back and forth emails, or a phone call. Sometimes we give our clients “homework”, or we write out a detailed list of what has been decided and what hasn’t been decided. We will always give advice, but sometimes people are torn between two designs or decisions that don’t make much of a difference from a build or pricing perspective. In these cases, it’s really up to you. This is often why some people loop in a designer. At Cannon Hill, we can design your furniture piece, but we aren’t going to tell you what stain colors look best with your drapes or kitchen island top.


Step 3: “Ballpark”Price Estimates and “Formal” Price Estimates

After the initial inquiry and maybe a few back and forth questions, we are able to provide ballpark pricing. Pricing custom furniture during the design phase is tricky because a change in design or material can alter the cost. Our goal in the initial phases is to get you into a range, and to give you a sense of how we price. Once you are comfortable in our range, there is no reason not to dream big and try to get every detail you want. Formal price estimates come just before deposit invoices. When almost every detail has been decided upon. Most often, if any detail is left To Be Determined or TBD, it’s the final stain/tint/finish on the table top. Once someone is in our queue, we’ll provide color samples. Our pricing is a combination of Material, Labor (sometime standard, sometimes custom pricing), Base (again, can be standard or individually priced) and finish. Once those main four factors are locked in, we can invoice.


Step 4: Deposit

At Cannon Hill we typically do 50% down, and 50% upon delivery. The only occasions where this is not the case is when the cost of the material is more than half of the project cost, or the slab is exceptionally expensive. If someone buys a $8,000 slab, and the final table cost is $14,000. We require an $11,000 deposit which is the cost of the slab plus half of the remaining project cost.


Step 5: Build

We are in touch throughout the build process and happy to provide photos. You’re also welcome to visit us and see your piece as it is in progress.


Step 6: Delivery

We deliver and assemble in your home for a small fee. Virtually all of our tables are delivered, and when they are delivered, it is by us! So we really get a sense of satisfaction seeing the piece we have created in its final resting place. 


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