CNC and Laser engraving: two wedding anniversary projects

Recently we took on two very different, but equally meaningful projects for two great clients. Both clients were looking for surprise anniversary gifts for their wives. They wanted to commission pieces of furniture, but they wanted to make sure that the gifts were engraved. In addition, as they were anniversary gifts, we needed to deliver them on time! There are so many options for engraving. Below are some:

1. Metal Inlay, carve out for the logo/insignia directly into the table top. The logo is cut out all the way through the metal. In this case the metal logo and the table top both need to be laser cut with a CNC machine. The table leaves Cannon Hill and goes to a 3rd party. One thing to note, you need to give a little extra room around the inlaid pieces. If you put them in too tight the table will move a little, as it does in the seasons, the the smaller letters might shift. 

Metal inlay carved into top

2. Metal Inlay, Laser etched insignia. The logo is etched into the metal, not cut out, so we just route out the overall shape of the inlay into the table top. This is a less complicated version of option 1. The table can likely stay in our shop

3. Metal letters inlaid into a plywood inlay. The plywood with the metal in it is inlaid into the table. We can likely route the table for the plywood in our shop.

4. Direct laser etching into the table top surface. In this case the table needs to leave the shop and go to the engraver. (An example of this is the compass rose table below)

5. Carving into table top with CNC and color epoxy fill. It's not a laser etching in the wood like option 4, but rather shapes carved deeper into the surface and then we pour colored epoxy in our shop and sand afterwards. This image below was taken off of an etsy page. We didn't do this piece below, it is an example, but we could and we would be excited for someone to commission us to do something like this.

Epoxy in wood

And the list goes on. Our job at Cannon Hill, when we have to coordinate between you and outside vendors, is to get the best sense of your aesthetic preferences and then try to translate those into a design that you'll like at a price that is reasonable to you. Price is always that added variable. In these cases, in addition to the price of the engraving, we charge for our time in design and coordination. Some of these projects can add 8 to 10 hours of work and transport for us, even if the actual engraving is being done elsewhere. 

There are so many ways to customize a table and make it special. Below is an image of the first project. A "Compass Rose" dining table adjacent to the windows in the kitchen of a waterfront home. This is a laser engraved design. The artwork was custom made for our client based off of photos he sent to us. The GPS coordinates indicate the spot where he and his wife became engaged.

Laser Etched Table top


On the other project, which was a teak bench, the client gave us a copy of his 25 year old wedding invitation. We converted it to a vector file, and had it etched on brass. Then we incorporated the brass into the bench design. It was ultimately a really nice touch and a detail that made this bench forever "theirs".

teak bench