Live Edge Walnut Table from Tree in Client's Backyard in Chestnut Hill

This live edge walnut table started as a tree in the client's backyard in the Lars Anderson Park section of Chestnut Hill. The wood spent two years air drying at the mill. Typically fresh cut wood needs to air dry for one year per inch of thickness. When we were called, the walnut wood was stacked in their garage and we went to take a look and test the moisture content of the wood and allocate the material for the table top. The wood was in great shape.

We started by picking the walnut live edges that were the client's favorite- those we could put on the outsides of the table. Then we found two sister-slabs that were nice and uniform and straight- those would become the inside boards on the table. These slabs all blend well obviously because they are from the same tree. This is an understated but important idea. You can't book match any two walnut slabs and expect a live edge walnut table that is going to look uniform. 

The table has extensions that are also live edge on one side, that run perpendicularly to the table. This is a necessity. Unlike our "same-slab" live edge table extensions that can be cut anywhere along the slab because they are just one piece, an extension board made from multiple pieces has to be glued up so that the glue seams are longer than the board is wide, or the board will curl. So in this case, if we had made the two foot extension out of 4 7.5" wide by 24" long boards, it would have curled. This is why we made it out of two 12" wide by 38" long boards glued up perpendicular to the live edge table. To get that true "same-slab" look, you have to be wiling to purchase a large slab which is going to cost a good bit of money.

This live edge walnut table is sitting on an old industrial cast iron base which belonged to the client. We encourage people to reach out with interesting family heirlooms or antiques that they would like to incorporate into the furniture. The table has an oil based urethan finish.

Here's an example of a live edge walnut table we built with a same slab extension- one single piece.

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