Walnut Table with Cabriole Legs in Rhode Island

The client saw a walnut table that we made on our website and wanted to replicate it to her dimensions. This table is 84" x 38" wide so it comfortably seats 8 and easily squeezes 10 people. The client was very specific about wanting dark boards. Since we select all of our walnut by hand from the mill, we were able to make this walnut table with virtually no light colored sapwood in the top. Some clients specifically ask for extra sapwood- they love the caramels mixed in with the browns of walnut. Therein lies the beauty of custom- you get what you want.

So we selected darker and more uniform boards, then we applied a black oil to the entire table to darken it up. Since we used an oil it merely darkened the wood without going too far to obscure the beautiful grain of the walnut. Oils are much more beautiful than stains and even more beautiful in most cases than the lacquer pre-colors. This table was lacquer sprayed on top of the oil. The best of both worlds from an aesthetic and stain proofing standpoint.

We make our cabriole legs by hand in house. They come out far more beautifully than machine made ones. The comparison isn't even close, but machine made ones are still fine if that's what it takes to fit a budget. We also gave the edge of this walnut table a roman ogee router profile. 

Here's the walnut table the client originally spotted, which is now down in Atlanta:


If you see something you like on our website, or want to match a similar design you've seem elsewhere but in your specific size and finish requirements, give us a call. 857-576-2089 or info@cannonhillwood.com