16-Foot Live-Edge Beech Table

We like to say that here at Cannon Hill we specialize in showstopping furniture that can command attention in a room — pieces like this one are the proof positive of that capability. This table measures out at over 16 feet long, and required almost the whole Cannon Hill team to deliver. As proud as we are of the table itself — quite a bit, it should be said — this project also points to our abilities after the build itself is over.

Many of us have backgrounds in homebuilding, so we’re well attuned to the rhythms and requirements of residential construction sites. On this project, for example, delivery coordination began even before we touched the slab. After all, there’s no sense in making a 16-foot table that won’t fit into the dining room.

After some back and forth with the client’s general contractor, we’d developed a solid plan for delivery, and each felt comfortable that we knew what to expect from each other and when. On the day, everything went just as simply and smoothly as is possible when you’ve got a 16-foot table that weighs several hundred pounds hoisted two stories up on a forklift.

A delivery like that always includes some stress, just because it’s hard not to get nervous when you see a table you’ve spent so much time on up in the sky. Gladly, we’ve learned the best and the safest ways to do this sort of thing and we don’t go down paths we’re not comfortable on. No one’s more invested in keeping our work safe than we are.

Nothing goes out the door of Cannon Hill that doesn’t meet our exacting standards of functionality, strength, and stability, which means that extra-large tables like these require extensive testing and engineering. We take our responsibility to build furniture that we can be proud of very seriously, so we work with our clients from the very start to design and build custom furniture pieces that look right and perform flawlessly.

If that sounds like a process you’re ready to start on, then reach out and start the conversation. Fill in the “Contact” form below, call 857-576-2089, or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com; we hope we’ll hear from you soon.