Incredible Walnut Desk in South End with Glass Top

An awesome custom walnut desk base for a lovely home in the South End of Boston near Tremont St. The project went through a local designer who sent us the general design. We made her a CAD to show her client, which was approved, and then they did what all Cannon Hill clients do which is sit back in anticipation of the call that their piece is ready for delivery. The glass top for this walnut desk was sourced by Cannon Hill. We work with a vendor that cuts custom glass and has lots of options for the finish and cut of the glass. It's important to go at least a 1/2" thick with the glass. For some reason if you go from 1/2" up to 3/4" the glass gets far more expensive.


The walnut base for this desk is handmade from scratch lumber materials. As is the case with every Cannon Hill build, we make everything custom, so every piece needs to be planned out. We don't guess and check here- we create specs, we build by hand to those specs, we finish by hand. and we care a lot about our work. Ross built this base. He spend days on the finish. If you see a desk base or a trestle table base like this at a so-called high-end furniture store, the second you get close to it and touch it, you can tell that it's cheap. The feeling resonating off of this piece of walnut furniture is so genuine. You can feel and see every ounce of time and effort that Ross put into this desk base, and he did an incredible job. It's perfect. This desk has an oil finish.


If you want a really nice custom desk, maybe because you find yourself working from home more that you used to, please don't hesitate to give us a call. You don't need to work through a design professional. We can help with the design work, and we can help you size the desk and think about the proportions of the base and the strength of the build for how much you put on it. Send us an email today at or call us at 857-576-2089. We can help you right away and provide quotes within 24 hours or help you with pricing and design to get to a quote.