American Elm Console And Side Table Set

These three American elm tables are the result of a collaboration between Cannon Hill and a designer working on a Wellesley home. While our work with designers is typically characterized by a great deal of back and forth to ensure that all parties involved agree on each individual decision, occasionally, as in this case, we’ll effectively be handed a brief and turned loose to create some beautiful work that fulfills all the needs. The interior designer presented us with some inspiration images - actually of wicker furniture - and granted us the latitude to make decisions on our own regarding things like slab selection and build style. By the time we were delivered our work, the homeowners and designer were thrilled with the tables and we were proud to offer them some furniture that exceeded even their own hopes.

Whether our clients approach us knowing exactly what they want their pieces to look like or with only a vague sense of their hopes, we take immense pride in our ability to home in on just the right design. Most often, the right design reveals itself through an extensive back-and-forth process with our clients. Projects like this one, though, are a reminder that Cannon Hill isn’t merely a contract maker of furniture, we’re also totally comfortable designing stunning pieces from scratch.

Rather than having conventional legs or a base, the console table in this set features a double waterfall. That is, the tabletop continues seamlessly down to the floor at right angles on each end, like water flowing off the edge of a waterfall. This style of table is, of course, cut from a single slab so that the grain runs up from the floor, across the top, and back down to the floor on the far side essentially unbroken. All of which means that even though this table is only about five feet long, the slab we selected measured more than ten feet end to end. A waterfall seam requires skill and planning, and we’re proud to turn out tight, precise work to ensure the most impressive visual effect possible.

To see another waterfall table, this one made from oak and glass, that we’ve made follow the link below:


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