Asymmetrical Walnut Dining Nook Table

It’s always exciting to work on projects with a funkier look, and tweaking designs to achieve the maximum in functionality is what we do best. On this show-stopping table for a dining nook in Westwood, MA, the interior designers approached us with some inspiration images and an initial size and shape design for the table top. The homeowners have a young and growing family, so their windowside bench seating was a feature of the home they really loved. In order to maximize the seating options and the functionality of the table, we landed on the angular, asymmetrical design you see here. It took a couple rounds of CAD (computer-aided design) to make sure we had worked out all the kinks and seen all the angles; we never start a build until we’re completely satisfied that we’ve got a successful plan in place.

The base here was a similarly custom design, akin to what we here at Cannon Hill refer to as an “exploding star”, but adapted for the non-standard shape of the tabletop. In order to properly support the piece without affecting its balance or the seating and chair-tucking options we made some subtle but consequential changes. Together with the designers and homeowners we elected to maintain the basic aesthetics of the top - angles and lines - in the base, to really bring the whole piece together.

Especially in sunny rooms with lots of natural light, we love using steel bases like this one because they allow us to bring any number of design elements together in completely custom styles. Our hugely skilled steel fabricator works to bring virtually any idea to life, and Cannon Hill brings years and years of experience to bear to ensure that the marriage between table and base matches our clients’ vision. Often, these designs lend a table a more minimal look, allowing light to flow around and through them. Thus, we often like to use metal bases in bright, airy rooms with lots of space - to allow the space to really breathe.

This table may be an aesthetic departure from tradition, but the build quality is straight from heritage-quality pieces. It just so happens that here at Cannon Hill we make furniture that shares the look of those older styles as well. For something completely different, check out this beefy trestle table:


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