Typically large commercial remodel or new construction projects go mostly with what's known as "commercial grade" furniture and millwork vendors. This means "you get what you get and you don't get upset". This make sense, of course. If you need to buy 40 tables for a large dining room, or 160 chairs, you can't have every piece be fine handmade furniture. Cannon Hill Woodworking is here for that accent piece or two, for that conference table, or private dining space, or welcome area table that you want people to see and go "Wow". 

These tables are for the area of the country club where people will gather after golfing and have a drink. They're center of a large space, and as such the designers of the country club wanted something real, and something sturdy. These tables are made out of solid white out with a brown stain. The bases are 1 x 3 steel tubing, custom welded with an oak 4 x 4 beam in the center.

We do a lot of commercial work. Typically we do the accent pieces. So sometimes we'll do up to 10 or more tables, or maybe a bar top, or maybe a welcome desk. The pieces of furniture in a sea of commercial grade finishes that you want to stand out and have people say "whoa, this is nice." 

If you're a contractor, or design professional, and you're doing a millwork package for a large remodel, consider us for the large dining tables, or perhaps the bar top or drink rails. Whatever pieces you want to tie together and have at a much higher quality than what you can buy out of a catalogue. We meet design professionals all the time in our Seaport showroom. Appointments are readily available. We always deliver commercial work on time and our lead times are typically around 10-12 weeks from deposit payment to delivery. We do out own white glove delivery and install as well.

Call us at 857-576-2089 or email up at info@cannonhillwood.com.