Bastogne Slab with Glass Inlay Feature

One of the foundational precepts here at Cannon Hill is that a woodworker must allow the material to guide the project. Fighting against the inclinations and characteristics of the wood only ever ends in frustration and lesser furniture. We got really lucky on this project, because our clients really took that concept to heart, and encouraged us to follow it even further than we otherwise might have. It’s always a treat to work with clients who have a sense of adventure and play.

The slab we used for this table is of beautiful Bastogne walnut - more on that shortly - but there was a substantial pre-existing void right in the middle of the tabletop. There are a number of ways to handle this sort of situation, like pouring epoxy to fill in the empty space, but our clients wanted to go in a bolder direction. Rather than trying to obscure or sidestep the issue, we elected to spotlight it with a glass inlay. We milled in a tight, shallow bed so that the pane would sit flush with the rest of the table and set the glass permanently in place. What might have been considered a defect in the slab transforms into precisely the most remarkable feature, the thing that sets this table apart from all the rest. This sort of bold design choice isn’t always the right one, but when the opportunity arises and our clients are game, we love to give it a go.

With the stunning setting outside, and the drama of the inlay, it’s a good thing this slab has as much character as it does. The variety here, Bastogne, is a rare, naturally-occurring hybrid of English and Claro walnuts. The rich chocolate and caramel tones you see here are typical of Bastogne, as is the intense, curling and swirling grain and figure. When a client seeks out a warm, inviting slab with stunning visual effects, we often recommend Bastogne.

Walnut isn’t the only species of wood we work with to feature incredible figure, though. Check out this maple table to see another example in an entirely different style:

No matter what direction you think you want to go with your furniture - light or dark, bold or conservative - Cannon Hill has the capabilities and the know-how to deliver. Fill out the “Contact” form here on our site, email, or call us at 857-567-2089 to get the process started.