Sophisticated Walnut Oval on Beacon Hill

Our clients on this project were updating their gorgeous Beacon Hill home, and came to us looking for a dining table that could match the elegance of the interior. They had done a brilliant job of maintaining the sophistication typical of the neighborhood while also creating a fresh, livable space for themselves. Happily, that’s exactly the mix that we strive for in all our work.

The species of wood used here, black walnut, fits a huge range of design styles, and it’s right at home in this classic setting. The natural colors can range into purples and reds, but the furniture we turn out typically features warm, chocolate-brown tones. Beloved among woodworkers for its consistency, durability, and beauty, we find that walnut creates an inviting aura that homeowners always value. While many of our clients - and their visitors - are immediately struck by the coloration of the material, the subtleties of the grain and the figure present in the wood are equally arresting.

We build a wide variety of bases here at Cannon Hill in all sorts of designs and from all sorts of materials. This “genre” of base is one of our favorites and one that’s sure to be an eye-catcher. There are iterations of these bases that are more rustic, this one marries up well with the subtly coffered ceiling and beautiful millwork.

While it’s easy to focus exclusively on the aesthetics of a piece — especially in a room as lovely as this one — the functionality may in fact be the star of this show. We make beautiful furniture day in and day out, but beautiful furniture doesn’t count for anything if it doesn’t work in the room where it lives. A gorgeous table that ruins the flow of a home will invariably become a source of frustration, and no amount of beauty can overcome that fundamental ugliness.

That’s why our custom design process involves a thorough accounting of the way a room works, and the way our piece will work with it. The length and width of the table are obvious considerations, but so are things like chair tucking and clearance dimensions. With Cannon Hill’s iterative CAD process, our clients get to see the dimensions of their specific design, which allows them to be fully informed on, for example, just how far in they’ll be able to tuck their chairs.

The oval shape of this table was a considered response to the shape and size of our clients’ dining room. It allows ample seating as well as sufficient space to move past the table to the back of the room. The bases were similarly designed to allow the upholstered chairs to tuck neatly in to the table, minimizing the footprint of the set when it’s not in use. Getting this degree of functionality and this level of sophistication would be a difficult task in stock furniture.

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