White Oak is perhaps the most durable of all the domestic hardwoods. This top is 101" x 54"  and made from 8/4 white oak which is 2" thick before we mill into it and end up around 1.625 to 1.75 inches thick. This top is rock solid, and super heavy- in the range of 400 pounds. So it needs a really strong base which is where is full frame custom welded base comes into play. This base was similar to a table base we made for an oceanfront restaurant in Revere, but the angle of the legs is different. they angle out towards the corners in stead of angling in. The client had general idea about what they wanted the base to look like, but we did what we usually do whenever there is any ambiguity and we made a CAD so that they knew exactly what they were getting and what the clearances on the table would be for legs and chairs.

White oak dining tables are making a much deserved comeback. People are starting to catch on that oak so beautiful when laid out in thick six to eight inch wide boards and it blends so well in so many homes that already have a lot of brown in their color palette. There is some resistance to oak because people have this "been there done that" feeling but when you see a table top like this it reminds you that oak can be really visually striking.

Here's a link to another white oak table we made with a white oak trestle base:


Learn more about real wood as a material for building a dining table! Other companies use engineered wood or they use veneers and that is because their furniture is machine made in factories and just finish assembled by people. There are no craftspeople involved, nobody selecting the lumber, nobody feeling the boards with their hands and deciding on the fate of each one. Get with the program people! Real wood furniture is cool as hell! And nobody makes it better than Cannon Hill Woodworking. Find out for yourself. Call 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com and we'll get back to you right away to start your custom table!