Incredibly-grained Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

A lot of wood comes through our shop, in a lot of different forms. We see reclaimed lumber of several different species, freshly milled boards in oak, cherry, maple, walnut, ash, and hickory, and live edge slabs in elm, chestnut, maple, oak, and various varieties of walnut. We see highly-figured pieces and flatter, simpler ones. It’s a testament to the visual appeal of wood that even with all that exposure we can all still get excited by the material we work with all day every day. It’s why we’re so confident that our clients won’t tire of the tables we make for them.

The first thing that jumps out about this piece is the astonishing grain patterns. This species, black walnut, doesn’t have the spectacular, bold figure present in other walnut subspecies like Bastogne or Claro, which means that it sometimes gets overlooked for big, statement-type dining tables. While this piece doesn’t have that degree of light-bending figure, it is completely entrancing.

Quite frankly, this slab is practically flawless. The grain is hypnotically, impossibly tight and straight, to a degree that we seldom see. There’s something downright entrancing about it. Truth be told, we spent more time than we really ought to have in the shop just looking at it rather than working on it. At the end of the day, for a piece of furniture that we intend to have a long, long life in the home, that’s probably a good thing.

When the tabletop is as incredible as this one, we and our clients often like to go more subtle on the bases, to let the top remain the star of the show. Steel bases like the ones you see here offer an entirely different look than the more traditional pedestal and trestle bases that are so familiar to us. Because steel is so strong, we can integrate into our tables designs that might not be practical in wood. Often, these designs lend a table a more minimal look, allowing light to flow around and through them. Thus, we often like to use metal bases in bright, airy rooms with lots of space - to allow the space to really breathe.

The steel bases in this table are finished with a black powder coat from a local finisher who turns out the highest quality work. Powdercoating is a process in which fine particles of pigment and resin are applied to the bare steel and then cured on. We prefer to finish all our steel bases in a powdercoat because it offers superior resistance to corrosion, chipping, scratching, and fading. You can rest assured that the steel bases we deliver will maintain their appearance for years and years to come.

No matter what kind of look you’re going for in your home, we can find the right species, style, slab, and base for your project. Browse our site to get a sense for the kind of work we do, and when you’re ready to get a conversation started, fill in the “Contact” form below, email, or call us at 857-567-2089. We hope to hear from you soon.