Cherry live edge table with custom trestle in Back Bay

This table is made of book-matched cherry slabs that were milled from the same tree by a sawyer in the Berkshires. They are sister slabs which means they are from the same part of the tree. The base is also made of all cherry and reinforced by walnut dowels that we hand turned on the lathe.

Cherry is a lighter wood with pink and red, sometimes even grey, tones that tends to darken slightly over time. The grain in cherry wood is more subtle than in other woods, but it allows for a lovely clean aesthetic that would stand the test of time and never get old. The trestle allows for more leg room on the ends and corners.

The wood for this cherry live edge table came from a sawyer who is more of a hobbyist than a professional distributor. The wood itself is in fantastic shape, even from the smaller hobbyist sawyers, but it is usually not super flat and not totally kiln dried (often it is mostly air-dried and perhaps put in a large storage container with a dehumidifier). This table had some splits in the wood and wouldn't have been ready to work on immediately because of the moisture content being a little too high. We built a small kiln that we use for slabs like these- we systematically and responsibly take the moisture content down to a level where the slab can be worked on and isn't liable to move. If we hadn't done this, the slab would move slightly when it finally lands in a temperature controlled space (like a home living room).

Here's another project out of cherry book-matched slabs, but this is a headboard:

Table Height: 30 inches

Table Width: 36 inches

Table Length: 66 inches (5.5 feet), seats 6 comfortably, 8 snugly 


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