Bow-tied Live Edge Chestnut Table

As is sometimes the case in the custom furniture business, this project began as something else entirely. The clients initially approached us to buy a desk and a hunting table. Happily for us, once they got a closer look at our work, they decided that a custom dining table from Cannon Hill would be a great addition to their home remodel already underway in Concord.

In many of our tables, particularly live edge ones, we use inlays known as “bow ties”  on the underside of the table top to help keep pre-existing cracks in the slabs from expanding over time. The bow tie - a small piece, typically of wood, resembling the accessory for which it’s named - sits perpendicular to the crack, its flared ends grabbing the wood on either side and holding them from separating further.

For this custom chestnut table, our clients elected to use visible steel bow ties on the top of the table, in addition to the standard wooden ones beneath. One of our woodworkers, Nick, carefully laid out the locations and chiseled in the beds for the inlays. The finished effect is striking - steel ties, sourced from a third party, sitting tight and flush against the beautiful chestnut grain.

We love to use an oil finish on projects with lighter-hued material, especially when they feature gorgeous grain patterns like the ones seen here. An oil finish enhances the appearance of depth, really drawing out the naturally flowing variation in the wood. In our shop, the oil of choice is Rubio Monocoat, an extraordinarily consistent, durable finish that comes in a variety of tints and colors to fit with any interior design palette. In our testing, Rubio has proven to provide both fantastic resistance to the inevitable spills and water-rings of a well-loved table, as well as ease and simplicity when the time for refinishing eventually comes.

We’re proud to say that we’ve once again begun a design process with these clients, this time on that custom desk they first approached us about way back when. Nothing makes us happier than having clients who seek us out again for repeat business; we see it as a validation of our product and our process.

We make totally custom tables in a vast array of designs, wood species, and finishes. For an example of a different direction we can take a live-edge slab, check out the massive live-edge piece at the link below, and browse the site to find even more styles. If you like what you see, fill out the Contact form on the site, send an email to, or give us a call at 857-576-2089.