Live Edge Claro Walnut Waterfall Desk

Our client came to us with the idea for this desk, and we homed in on the final design together. Rather than having conventional legs or a base, it features a waterfall edge on one side, and rests on a preexisting built-in bookcase on the other. The “waterfall” here refers to the fact that it’s made from a single long section which we cut along a common seam at 45-degree angles and then glued back together to form a tight, right-angle turn down to the floor. When the process is properly done, the wood grain flows seamlessly over and down the corner like water over a fall. You can follow along the grain all the way from the far inside end down to the floor in a virtually unbroken course. “Virtually” because at the corner the two pieces were separated by, at the very least, the thickness of a saw blade in the original boards or slab, and that can be enough to create an offset in inferior work. A waterfall seam requires skill and planning, and we’re proud to turn out tight, precise work to ensure the most impressive visual effect possible.

The variety of walnut that you see here, Claro – actually a result of grafting and cross-pollination between eastern European and native American walnut species – grows in the American Northwest, and offers some of the most dramatic figure and coloration of any walnut variety. With a natural, live-edge outline and the beauty inherent in the grain and tones of Claro, tables like this give us the chance to bring the elegance of the outdoors into our clients’ homes. With colors ranging from deep, rich chocolates to the occasional golden caramel, a slab like this will never lose your interest. Down near the floor, you can see the intense swirls and waves that occurred when a branch grew away from the main trunk of the tree, and the brilliant figure that typically accompanies these moments in Claro. If you’re looking for a wood species with a brilliant, jewel-like appearance, then Claro is an excellent choice.

We believe that there is tremendous value in having a beautiful desk, in having a place to do work that can provide comfort and inspiration, but if the essential functionality of the desk doesn’t come first then none of that will matter. That’s why we work so closely with our clients in the design phase — so that delivery day is only the beginning of a long and productive life for our work. To see some more of the desks we’ve built, visit the link below:

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