Classic Breakfast Nook Oak Table

Here at Cannon Hill, we build in a huge variety of styles depending entirely on what our clients’ needs are for a given space. We build in innovative styles and traditional ones. Our clients on this project had come to us previously for a dining table with more modern styling, but this sunny breakfast banquette called for a table that felt more of a piece with the aesthetics of the kitchen, which featured plush, throwback upholstery and classic millwork.

A sturdy, oval table with a single pedestal base was the natural choice for a space like this one, and white oak was the right choice of species. This style of base in particular is reminiscent of traditional construction methods, reminiscent perhaps of the tables in a university library or a law office.

As always, though, our designs give at least as much weight to functionality as aesthetics, and usually the former leads the latter. There’s no sense to buying a beautiful table that’s uncomfortable, or one that throws the flow of a room off kilter. The single pedestal, in a rounded banquette like this one, stays as far as is possible from the feet of everyone sitting at the table and allows ample room for legs to scoot by when people go to get up.

We built this table in white oak with an oil finish - a combination with a long, proud history in furniture making here in New England and beyond. Oak’s light colorations and straight, identifiable grain are familiar, which is exactly why we chose it for this project, but we urge our clients not to dismiss this venerable species even if they’re aiming for a more contemporary look.

After all, oak became popular for a reason. It builds remarkably hard-wearing, durable, stable furniture, and it offers a far broader aesthetic range than many people realize. In more natural finishes like the one we used here, oak suggests a warmth and reliability that feel any home in more classically-styled spaces. In spaces with more contemporary design, cooler tones in washed-out grays and whites often look best, and white oak takes these tints extraordinarily well.

As I mentioned, this was our second piece for the clients’ South End home; the first was this stylish dining table in walnut. Check that one out, then browse the rest of our site to get a sense of what we do and how we do it. If you’re interested in building some of the highest-quality custom furniture around, then fill in the “Contact” form below, email, or call us at 857-567-2089 to start a conversation. We hope we’ll hear from you soon.