Contemporary Walnut Dining Table

As custom furniture makers, our days are spent in two main phases, design and build. Every piece that leaves Cannon Hill’s workshop is the result of close design collaboration between our clients and us. I like to say that we aim for our clients to be the gas pedal in this collaboration, driving aesthetic choices and overall purpose, while we act largely as the brake.

What I mean by that analogy is that the only time we want to be the force behind a decision is when our experience and expertise lead us to the conclusion that a certain design element will lead to negative functional effects, or run counter to the larger goals of the piece. This table is a fantastic example of the synthesis of those two roles - the client driving bold, effective aesthetic decisions, and Cannon Hill stepping in when there were concerns about functionality.

In building this table, there was a fair bit of R+D. With slender corner legs like these - and without a skirt - there’s a risk that a table will wobble or rack when you push on it. A table that wobbles simply isn’t up to Cannon Hill standards, so we went through a number of different construction designs to ensure that this table would be. There were solutions that would have affected the aesthetics of the table too much, so we worked hard to develop ones that wouldn’t.

Our client on this project came in with a strong design sense, and a willingness to push the project in ways that were both dynamic and subtle. We started with some inspiration images, and discussed the particular elements that he liked the most, and the ways we could tweak them to better suit his needs. The design we landed on has prominent mid-century influence that fits neatly with the room and the home it lives in.

One of the most prominent features of this table is the double-bevel edge profile. The profile first angles away from the table, and then abruptly cuts back towards the table and underneath the leading edge. These bevel profiles are a great and subtle way to add some drama to a piece, and this style, which we’ve seldom had the chance to do, is a real showstopper.

Whether your aesthetics are contemporary or traditional, brash or subtle, Cannon Hill can build you a piece that fits your life, your home, and your style. Take a look at some of the dining tables we’ve built in the past, and when you’re ready to start the discussion on custom furniture don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re available via the contact form below, email at, or our shop phone at 857-576-2089.