Cooled Oak Trestle Table

Sometimes our clients come to us with well-determined ideas about how they want their furniture to turn out, and in those cases we’re more than happy to follow the client’s lead. Of course, we’ll lend our expertise to keep everything sturdy and functional, and to ensure that no two elements ever work at cross-purposes, but we’re ultimately here to turn the client’s vision into reality. When these clients came to us for an eight-foot dining table for their Cape Cod remodel, they knew pretty much exactly what they wanted, and we executed their plan to the letter.

This table is built in white oak and finished with oil - a combination with a long, proud history in furniture making here in New England and beyond. Its light colorations and straight, identifiable grain are familiar, but we urge our clients not to dismiss this venerable species. After all, it’s become popular for a reason. Aside from all the physical characteristics of the furniture white oak builds - hardness, durability, stability - are the aesthetic considerations. In spaces with more contemporary design, like this one, cooler tones in washed-out grays and whites often look best, and white oak takes these tints extraordinarily well. In this case, we used a whitewash product that specifically mutes and cools oak’s warmer elements to match our client’s palette.

The base for this table is a trestle style that harkens to centuries-old traditions of furniture making, but with a clean, modern twist. Here at Cannon Hill, we aim to position ourselves at the intersection of legacy-grade quality and forward-thinking design. Trestles in this style offer the sense of gravity present in long-established styles, but with a sleeker sensibility. Just as importantly, they’re also a tremendously efficient system for maximizing seating area while minimizing the overall footprint of the table - with no legs to get in the way, chairs push in tight, and guests can sit anywhere around the table.

The cool, washed out tones you see in this table make perfect sense among the pale driftwoods of Cape Cod, but sometimes richness and warmth are a better fit. To see some of our work on that end of the spectrum, check out this magnificent mahogany dining table:


No matter what sort of look you’re after, Cannon Hill knows exactly how to achieve it. Get in touch by filling out our “Contact” form, emailing, or calling 857-567-2089 to start a design conversation.