Corner-Leg Oak Slab Table

For whatever reason, we don't make as many slab tables out of white oak as we do in other species. True, the deep, rich chocolates and intense figure of the various walnuts might be more immediately arresting, but the piece of wood that makes up this tabletop is, quite simply, a stunner. With distinct ray figure throughout and clean, straight grain, this material — never mind the table — would be the envy of any woodwoorker. We know we’re lucky to work with materials and clients like these, and we never take it for granted.

There are countless aesthetic features that we could focus on, and they indeed deserve attention, but the functional decisions that went into the design of this table are probably more central to its story.

When we hear the phrase “furniture design,” our minds may go initially to the way things look. Certainly, the appearance of, for example, a table is crucial to the success of a project. We know, through experience personal and professional, that the most beautiful table in the world can be a bad project if it doesn’t allow for easy, comfortable, and sensible flow in a room.

So we take very seriously the particular needs of our clients and their homes. In this case, our clients needed to be able to tuck their chairs entirely into the table. The chairs had arms, and weren’t small in the first place, so we set about designing a modified corner-leg assembly that maximized the clearances across all dimensions. In the end, we developed a table that fit both the aesthetic flair of the home and the more practical — and utterly essential — concerns of livability.

Creating beautiful furniture is no mean feat, but it’s also not nearly enough. A good project, a good product, will be beautiful and a functional addition to the home. Our commitment is to building good projects from design to delivery.

If you’re interested in some custom furniture conceived and constructed with this level of care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Fill in the “Contact” form below, email, or call our shop at 857-576-2089, and we can begin the process, together.