Walnut Stacked Pedestal Bases in Bedford, Custom Built As Always!

Custom Stacked Pedestal Base Walnut Dining Table

The versatility of Walnut makes it one of the most popular wood species for buiding furniture. The rich dark colors of the grain make it an elegant companion to a wide variety of interiors. We handpick the very best clear 8/4 walnut boards for this project in New Hampshire at one of our preferred local lumber yards. 8/4 material yields a table above one and a half inches thick, usually around one and five eighths to be exact! This substantial top, measuring 84’ by 40’, is complemented by one of our favorite base styles, the custom stacked double pedestal base.

Advantages of an Oil Finish

We settled on an oil finish for the table, which is excellent for enhancing the beauty of the grain. We buff the oil into the wood and apply a protective top coat to protect the wood. If required after many years, a touch-up oil application can quickly restore the original beauty of the wood. The manufacturer of the oil, Rubio Monocoat, recommends an simple wipe-on-wipe-off reapplication every three to five years. We think you could do it every five to seven years. If you want to touch up the table at the same time, you could hire a professional to do a light sanding of the top before the maintenance oil is applied. It is sweet smelling and chemical free, and can be done right in your home without disrupting your dining room. 

One of our favorites

These clients came to us from Norfolk, MA, about 30 minutes outside Boston. They saw the opportunity to have a custom-made table built now that their young children had passed the stage of being potentially “damaging” to the furniture. This is a common theme for us- families coming our way once their kids are a little older. The truth is, Cannon Hill loves building for young families. You should have nothing to fear! Our hardwood tables are durable, and our finishes are top of the line. The assurance you should feel buying of a real hardwood table (as opposed to some composite crap from a “high-end” commercial vendor, means it can be lived on, and “loved” be your kids of all ages, and then when enough is enough (yep, scratches, stains, rings, whatever it is), you can have it refinished and bring it back to brand new, like the day you bought it. So there really is no reason to wait. 

We always relish the opportunity to build a custom double pedestal base. The process allows us to utilize our creative flair and craftsmanship to it’s fullest. We usually start with a rough design from the client or we provide several hand drawn concepts. The client can mix and match components, or change proportions, or introduce new shapes altogether. One client even had us build the center of the pedestal to mirror the profiles of his childrens’ faces! Then together, we refine the design. Once it’s finalized, we put it into CAD for final approval and final specs, so everyone is on the exact same page.

True Craftsmanship Required.

The Stacked Pedestal Base requires a significant amount of wood (as much as a table top believe it or not) and an even greater amount of dedication and skilled craftsmanship. There are  a few mass-produced options available (you’ll see these on other furniture builders’ website, often with a black paint so you can’t tell they aren’t made from the same material). These bases lack the quality and rich style of our handmade examples. It takes almost a week for our experienced wood artists to build[zh1]  the bases and finish them to the standard that the beauty of the wood deserves. This ensures that the table is unique and true to what the client initially envisaged. 

Some alternatives

As a result of the time required to create the bases, it is one of our more expensive base designs.  However, there are times when the top of the table is the focal point, or perhaps the beauty of the base would be hidden by chairs. We would then be happy to assist in sourcing a machine-made third-party base. We aren’t philophically opposed to using a machine made base. In some instances, like a commercial application or when the budget doesn’t allow, it makes sense. But we just feel it’s necessary for people to understand the difference in quality when reviewing their options.

Please take a look at some of the other Pedestal Base designs we have made. We don’t mind if you want to copy one, but we prefer to see your own definitive design.



So, if you have your design all neatly jotted down, or perhaps you would prefer to talk to us before committing pen to paper, we would love to provide some ideas and suggestions to assist in creating a piece of furniture true to your unique requirements.