Custom Table In Walnut

Ultimately, the material that we work with is the anchor for any Cannon Hill project. On the building side, the worst thing you can do is to fight the material, to try and make it do things it doesn’t want to: the wood will always win, in the end. On the design side, we need to understand what our client wants from the piece, and what sort of material will best deliver it. For this table, we pulled some of the most spectacular milled walnut you’re likely to encounter.

This project was our second for these clients, a fact that never ceases to make us proud, no matter how many repeat clients we work with. We take our work seriously, and we take the relationships we build with the people who commission it in the exact same way. Furniture, especially custom furniture, is serious business. We intend our furniture to fulfill exactly the needs of our clients, so that they never have to replace it. The only way to hit the mark in that way is a thorough collaborative process.

This table, for example, needed to fit the nook in just the right way, so that it was big enough to be useful, but also small enough that getting in and out of the bench would be comfortable. Nailing the details meant site visits to get dimensions, multiple rounds of CAD, and full-scale modeling of the corner curves. Far too often, a table has some or another feature, usually to do with clearances, that turns it from a beloved asset to an endless frustration; stubbed toes and bruised shins will do that. By sweeping the corners back — the exact dimensions of which sweepback were the clients’ specifications — we’ve built a table that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

Sometimes it’s the little details that really bring a project home and, appropriately enough for this one, the situation of the table was one that mattered. Simply by spinning the table around in place, we were able to locate one end of the table so that warm evening light would catch a particularly intense moment of figure, which absolutely glows and dances. As I say, the little things.

We build all sorts of custom tables for all sorts of spots in the home, and it’s our ability to make truly custom pieces that sets us apart. Take a look at some of the custom dining tables we’ve built in the past. When you’re ready to design one of your own fill in the “Contact” form below, email us at, or call our workshop at 857-576-2089. We hope we’ll hear from you soon.