Custom Walnut Kitchen Table

A table for a built-in breakfast nook like this one is a fantastic, if perhaps surprising, candidate for a custom table. Most of the projects that we take on here at Cannon Hill are for furniture that’s intended as a showpiece of sorts: the dining table that will act as the center of gravity for a dinner party, or a stunning coffee table to set the tone in a living room. A kitchen table is typically more strictly utilitarian than those pieces but, in fact, that’s exactly why it makes so much sense as a custom piece.

When we begin our custom furniture design process, the appearance of the table is just one factor, albeit the most apparent. We look carefully at the location and orientation of the piece in the room, the feasibility of passage on all sides, the ability to tuck chairs, and many others. A beautiful table that doesn’t facilitate comfortable use of the room is not a table that we want our name on; our work ought to improve our clients’ lives, both aesthetically and functionally.

A breakfast nook like this one concentrates these various considerations. Everything is happening in smaller, less-forgiving spaces in which no amount of rearranging can accommodate a poorly-designed table. The balance between, for example, surface area and passage space or chair tucking must be delicately struck, or else a beautiful, enjoyable space becomes difficult to use and, ultimately, frustrating.

We chose this style of base precisely because it allows chairs to tuck in virtually all the way, which in turn allows easy passage to the bench seat. (That the base — and the whole table — is beautiful, durable, and rock-solid-sturdy sort of goes without saying: that’s the only sort we make.) The tabletop makes maximal use of the area without impinging on the functional realities of a multipurpose space.

Without the benefits of a custom furniture design program, it’s unlikely that an off-the-shelf piece would pull off the same balancing act. Or, at least, it’s unlikely that the first one you bought would. Or the second…custom furniture isn’t the cheapest option, but it just might be the most economical.

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