Custom Walnut Dining Table with Curving Base

This table is a fantastic example of how Cannon Hill’s capacity for designing and building totally custom furniture allows us and our clients freedom. The clients had seen our work online, really liked some of the silhouettes they saw, but had their own ideas about how to bring them more in line with the aesthetic of their own home. That’s the sort if thing we love to hear. At some furniture shops you might be able to “customize” the length, width, or finish of a table, but that’s about it. Not so at Cannon Hill.

The style of base you see is an echo of one that has become familiar to everybody here in the shop. It’s a design that our clients love, and one of the that fits with a huge variety of table types. Live edge, reclaimed, milled — they all look great on these gently curving bases. However, our clients wanted to see them beefed up a little. Whereas we often use bases like these to lend tables lightness and an understated elegance, our client wanted them to have a sense of heft, of weight. While we normally design them as two independent legs, our client wanted to connect the two pieces, to create a sort of trestle. So that’s exactly what we did: we made the legs of the base thicker and wider. We ran a board of walnut clear between the bases. It became, ultimately, a fresh twist on a very popular style, and we were thrilled with the result, as was the client.

The entire purpose of custom furniture — truly custom furniture — is that clients can outfit their home with the pieces that catch their eye in just the right way. We require that all our furniture be functionally perfect; it cannot wobble or bend. That is the bare minimum. What we want, though, is to deliver furniture that looks just exactly the way our clients envision it, whether the design exists already or not.

Here at Cannon Hill we’re proud of our ability to design and build our own original, custom furniture and we’re proud of the process that gets us there. Click through to see another custom table that developed through our close collaboration with a client. If you’re ready to have the furniture that you can see in your mind’s eye actually make it into your home fill in the “Contact” form below, email, or call 857-567-2089.