Timeless Custom Walnut Sideboard in Oil Finish

While the majority of our work here at Cannon Hill goes towards tables of various kinds, we’re perfectly comfortable making a wide range of furniture pieces. In fact, the Cannon Hill difference may be nowhere more apparent than in these more complex builds, like cabinets and dressers. We’re committed to executing the absolute highest quality of process and product, with only the highest quality of materials.

One of our founding precepts was that we want our furniture to last for the long haul. We want our clients to enjoy it for years and years to come, to pass it on to their children, even. We want our work to outlast us. And then carry on.

That desire drives our insistence on working with only the best, solid materials. The use of composites and veneers is widespread in our industry, and not without reason. These techniques allow for economical, efficient, repeatable production schedules, so they’re the standard in commercial furniture. Here at Cannon Hill, though, we don’t do repeatable, because each piece that leaves our shop is a one-off, designed and hand-built for a specific customer and their needs.

By building out of solid wood, milled right here in our Roxbury workshop, we give our furniture the best possible chance to last its longest possible life. Solid-wood construction allows, for example, for the possibility of refinishing — many times, even — over the years if and when the need arises. Furniture that’s made with lesser construction methods doesn’t even take that consideration into account. It’s made, fundamentally, to be disposable. We just can’t stomach that proposition.

A sideboard like this one, with stylish, timeless design, epitomizes our theory of furniture making. It’s made from solid walnut, a species equally at home in traditional and contemporary furniture and interior design. It’s finished with oil, for durability, beauty, and re-applicability. And it features subtle details that may not jump off the page, but that will delight the discerning eye. Instead of fastening hardware for door handles and drawer pulls, we hand-mortised recesses, which cast subtle shadows and demonstrate dimensionality.

We don’t build things the easy way, but we do build things the right way — or at least our right way. This ethos of building isn’t for everyone, but if handmade, considered, heirloom-quality furniture is for you, then please fill in the “Contact” form below, email info@cannonhillwood.com, or call us at 857-567-2089. We can’t wait to work with you.