Believe it or not, this project of 8 tables and 16 benches for Downeast Cider was our very first project at Cannon Hill and it was done on a major budget. A friend of ours works at Downeast and connected us to their tap room manager who wanted all new tables for the taproom to replace a bunch of rickety old tables that came in boxes from overseas. But he also didn't want to invest in "high end" or "high quality" furniture because they were planning to move things around eventually and we're sure the tables would stick around for more than 2-3 years. They wanted the tables made out of pine, because even though it's soft, it's light and easy to move. They move the tables every night and move them back into place every day 

We rarely build tables out of pine but we still gave them the full treatment of planing and sanding. We stained them with a dark brown stain and rolled out a polyurethane finish. They wanted an inexpensive table and bench set, with an inexpensive "good enough" finish and that's what they got. These tables will get a little beat up, but that's just character and works well in a bar setting.

This would fall into the category of cutting some corners to hit a budget but we also do full on commercial work with really high-end commercial grade finishes and durable wood materials. We do lacquer sprays for tables and 2K urethane sprays for bar tops. 

Here's another commercial project we did- four live edge walnut tables with a lacquer spray finish, and zinc powder coat on the bases. And seven teak tables with a 2K Urethane outdoor spray.

Commercial projects big and small, we take them on, and we give discounts for bulk ordering so please give us a call. We can handle orders of us to 30-40 tables. Call 857-576-2089 or