The client had these elm slabs shipped across the country from California. They were in rough shape when we got our hands on them but we were able to unleash an incredible inner beauty. Cannon Hill Woodworking did the removal of the old bar and installation of the new bar. We went to the clients house three times throughout the process to pick up the slabs, make templates, remove and install the bar and table. The live edge bar top is about 6 feet long and 4 feet at the L. It's almost 2.5" thick. The table is about 2" thick. We shaped the slab quite a bit so one side is the true live edge and the other is a faux live edge but its impossible to tell the difference because we're very good at blending them. We filled any cracks or holes with a clear epoxy. Both the table and the bar top have a lacquer finish for stain proofing and protection.