Brilliant Elm Bedroom Set

This bedroom set for a beachfront home in coastal New Hampshire was a really special project here at Cannon Hill. All of our furniture is totally custom, but when we get a job like this one, to design and build a whole bedroom set with live edge slabs, everything reaches another level. In order to maintain the level of consistency and quality that we demand of ourselves, every phase from concept to execution needs to be meticulously planned, with rigorous quality control throughout.

The slabs here are of American elm, a species that we really love, which is an excellent choice when our clients are looking for dramatic grain patterns and beautiful color variation in warm golden brown tones. We and our clients love the ruddy browns, but it’s the distinctive grain, characterized by swirling and figure that we might expect on species like Claro walnut. Because this set featured several different pieces, we needed to source two separate slabs with commonalities of color, grain, tone, and even feel. The headboard is from one slab, while the tops of the footboard, dresser, and nightstands come from another. Due to the unavailability of elm boards, we elected to make the drawer fronts of hickory; design decisions like this one only come about through close collaboration with our clients, and only after extensive consideration.

Everything in this set is finished in our oil of choice, Rubio Monocoat. After years of experience and lots of testing with a wide range of finishes, we’ve yet to find another product that matches the beauty, consistency, durability, and simplicity of Rubio. The oils create a molecular bond with the wood fibers, lending the finish an appearance of natural depth that we and our clients always love. When we’ve got material as stunning as these slabs,  we want to do everything we can to really bring out their natural beauty, and there’s nothing better at that than Rubio. It enhances the warm tones in the wood, and causes grain and figure to pop in just the way we want.

Whether you need a whole bedroom set like this one or a coffee table - or anything in between - we’ve got you. Check out this coffee table - built in a totally different style - to see another of our specialties here at Cannon Hill:


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