Elm Corner Desk with Drawer Set

When we’re making a desk, the design process needs to consider some different factors that aren’t present in tables. What will the use be? Is it a desk for meeting across, or for solo work? Will our client be working at a computer most of the time? Using multiple monitors? What are the storage requirements? If it’s going in a corner, like this one, how is it best positioned to maximize usable space of both the room and the desk? Answering all these questions is the backbone of the design process. We believe that there is tremendous value in having a beautiful desk, in having a place to do work that can provide comfort and inspiration, but if the essential functionality of the desk doesn’t come first then none of that will matter.

For this project, our client needed to be able to work at a computer much of the time, but also to have space for simultaneous paperwork, as well as storage for day-to-day office supplies and files. In a situation like this, we typically prefer to build an L-shaped desk like the one you see here. An L-desk allows the user to simply turn in their chair, rather than sliding down the length of a work surface, gaining access to what is essentially an entire second desk without moving. From a similarly function-oriented perspective, we elected to use two metal bases - which take up very little space and allow tons of leg room and mobility - and a ledger along the wall to support the desk. A ledger is simply a small support runner fastened into the wall that the back edge of the desk rests on. It provides fantastic support in a very small footprint.

The slab for this desk is elm, a species that’s making its way into more and more of our furniture all the time. We and our clients love the golden tans and ruddy brown tones, but it’s the distinctive grain patterns, characterized by swirling and figure that we might expect on species like Claro walnut. The elm slabs allow our clients to get those striking grain patterns on furniture that might fit better in their homes, given that they’re much lighter in hue than their walnut counterparts. After all, we want these desks to be places of inspiration and comfort, and elm’s warmth is a great way to accomplish that.

We’ve built a fair few desks in this and similar styles, but there are countless others, depending on clients’ needs and tastes. Click the link below to see a radically different style of desk, and if you’re ready to start a conversation about furniture for your home, fill in the “Contact” form here on our site, email info@cannonhillwood.com, or call 857-567-2089. We hope we’ll hear from you soon.