Ten foot live edge slab countertop in Winchester. We found the perfect slab for this project through Berkshire Products large inventory of elm slabs. This elm slab was the perfect width to leave it live on both sides. It had one tear out, the only imperfection in the entire thing, that lined up right where we would be doing a cutout for a sink. Basically, it was fated to end up in this kitchen. Elm is a really nice, lower cost option to walnut, and it blends really well in most spaces. Elm slabs tend to have a very consistent and clean grain, and a nice color palette. Elm is a hardwood so it works well as a countertop. 

Cannon Hill went to the client's home and measured and templated. We had to nail the location of the cutout, which we did in our workshop. Then, at install, we notched for the post. Cannon Hill handled the install. We typically do our own installation because we are so intimately acquainted with the project.

Don't sleep on elm! It's a really nice option for live edge furniture projects and people don't know enough about it but when they see it they LOVE it. Cannon Hill Woodworking knows everything there is to know about sourcing live edge elm, planning a project, and executing a beautiful finish. Send us an email at info@cannonhillwood.com to get your project started today, or call us at 857-576-2089.