Classic! ... This walnut table is a classic design- tried and true. This is the can't-go-wrong walnut table design. This is the we-might-move-to-an-entirely-different-style-of-home walnut table design. This is a walnut table with a skirt and square leg assmebly- built to a custom size with the clearance of the room and the size of the family in mind. Clean, simple, sturdy, beautifully crafted, incredible grain pattern, subtle and honest finish.

I just wish you could see our tables in person next to some of the "stuff" that passes for walnut custom table tops these days in some of these foofy designer stores in Back Bay, or some of the purported "high end" online retailers. Churned out crap. They simply can't make this table, as much as their salespeople in suits may try to convince you, and as simple as it may seem. That's because it requires a human being, an actual craftsperson, not an assembly line worker, to hand select the walnut boards, and work with real hardwood that isn't engineered or some kind of veneer. 

This table is a classic six seater, but it has a 24" extension on one side. Some people come to us asking for two 12" extensions, which can make it look nice for the sake of symmetry. However, given the corner leg assembly, it's better to have one 24" extension off of one side of this table. The extra two guests will sit on the outside of the corner legs, so a 12" walnut extension wouldn't really do much for them- it would only come to about the middle of their chest. Here at Cannon Hill Woodworking our extendable tables are unmatched. We have two proprietary systems that are in the patent process and are rock solid. They can support this heavy extension no problem. So if a furniture maker tells you it can't be done, really they mean that they can't do it.

This table has an oil based urethane finish. It has a very high degree of stain resistance. 

Here is a similar table, with an oil finish, in a retail setting:

Whether your aesthetic is classic and clean, or outlandish and modern, or really anywhere in between, Cannon Hill Woodworking will make you your exact table the way you want it. And we're here to help with the decisions that may seem overwhelming at first. Email us at or call us at 857-576-2089.