Flawless Live-Edge Walnut with Same-Slab Extensions and Wishbone Base

This is likely the most flawless live edge walnut slab we have ever encountered. Not a blemish! Not a crack, not a spot of bark! The walnut slab was originally twelve feet long. It was shipped to us by Berkshire Products after being carefully selected by the client who drove out to the Berkshires to see it in person. The plan for the table was to do a 7' base table, with two same-slab 18" extensions. There was a 24" offcut that we are going to turn into a coffee table. So when the extensions are on the table, it is 10' long and seats a minimum of 12.

The same-slab extension system is our proprietary support system that is patent pending (as of May, 2020). It is super easy to set up, completely removes so that there is nothing to see when it's not in place, and it's rock solid because it clamps to the table top so it's capable of supporting heavy extensions without sagging. When the 18" walnut extensions are reunited on this live edge walnut table, the look is incredible. You don't see this kind of table anywhere else.

At Cannon Hill, we make out own steel bases, but the bases for this table are cast bronze, made by Ares Iron, a small business that does very fine work nearby out of Providence, Rhode Island. Wishbone bases are very functional shapes as far as leg room goes, and cast bronze is heavy, so they are plenty strong enough to support this table. We use threaded inserts and bolts when we fasten our bases to our tables, so the connection is strong and will not wear because it is metal to metal.

This live edge walnut table has a matte lacquer spray finish, a commercial quality top of the line finish. The exact product is Krystal by ML Campbell.

The table now lives in a gorgeous newly-built home in New Hampshire that was as carefully designed and build as this table. These clients were fantastic to work with.

If you are interested in a one-of-a-kind live edge table, possibly with the ability to extend from the same slab, please give us a call at 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com. We'll be happy to talk you through the slab sourcing process for live edge tables.