This was a really fun collaboration with the client, who had an idea for a glass table top and a walnut base that would extend. They knew what they wanted, and they tried to come up with a system for the extensions, for which we give them a lot of credit! Ultimately we used a hybrid of our patented table extension system to come up with an easy to use, fully removable system that is ROCK SOLID for a heavy glass top, and most importantly, out looks really nice and blends perfectly with the original design. 

The base is made from 8/4 black walnut and has an oil finish. It was based off a design sent to us by the client and we went back and forth on size and ultimately did a spec drawing. This was a carefully thought through and purposeful design. It is one of those challenging projects where we really get to "build" and design with the challenge always being that it has to look really nice and beautiful, especially with a glass top where you can see through it.

In this case the client handled the glass top. They had it custom made and delivered to them. We can also handle the glass top for you and deliver it and install it with your table. We've done a number of these types of projects and you can see them on our website. Here's another in Oak:

If you're thinking about a glass table top with a wooden base, look no further than Cannon Hill Woodworking. Please reach out. Email or call us at 857-576-2089. We will get back to you within 24 hours.