Attractive and Practical Island Table

Kitchen islands are a huge asset in any kitchen that can accommodate them. Offering ample workspace and extra room for cabinets and appliances, the island often becomes the heart of a kitchen, especially one in which the residents entertain. They say that a party always finds its way to the kitchen: once there it orbits the island.

Our clients on this project knew that to take full advantage of their island — and the space beyond it — they wanted to extend it, albeit at a different height. By attaching a table to one end, they’ve not only grown the island but they’ve grown the table itself; with the island acting as an elevated, temperature-proof, spill-proof, serving station, diners have more room for their place settings.

Both the homeowners and their interior designer knew that they wanted the table to be permanently, or, rather, semi-permanently, attached to the island. They had no intentions of dragging it around the house, so why not anchor it? Furthermore, the island cabinets had a very particular textured finish with variegated grey tones. Finally, the homeowners needed this piece to be taller than standard dining height. Little wonder that they came to Cannon Hill, then.

Few, if indeed any, commercial options exist for situations like this one. To design a single-legged table, in an uncommon color, and a nonstandard height, races far beyond what many companies who advertise “custom” work would even entertain. For Cannon Hill, it’s what we do all the time.

Designing a table with us is a thorough process in which we come to understand your needs and the requirements of a space, and then reflect them back in the form of a table —which is no mean feat. What we’re particularly proud of, though, is that we do it while building to the absolute highest standards of quality, beauty, and functionality…without sacrificing our custom capabilities.

No matter what sort of furniture you need or want, Cannon Hill is here and ready to put it out in the world. Fill in the “Contact” form below, email us at, or call our workshop at 857-576-2089. We look forward to hearing from you.