Whitewashed Cabinet with Concrete Top and Floating Shelves

We'd previously made this client a reclaimed oak table and bench set that they love. They've been settling into their new condo and had left one section of wall bare where they wanted to do a wine cabinet with a concrete top. They couldn't find what they wanted online because it needed to be an exact size, and also furniture you buy online is just the worst. They reached out to us with ideas for a design and the general dimensions, and we did a spec drawing for them to make it all exact.

We settled on rustic hickory because it's more durable than pine, but it has some really great character that pine planks have. The "rustic" part in rustic hickory denoted more knots essentially, more character. The construction is solid hickory- no plywood. It's a heavy piece! When you buy cheap stuff online, it's always super light because its made from thin material, and sometimes, not even all wood- lots of plastic or composite materials mixed in.

The finish on this hickory wine cabinet is a white wash oil and a polyurethaning wipe on finish. The drawer boxes are custom built by Eagle Woodworking.

We pour the concrete ourselves for the top and in this case we mixed in black dye. We mix the concrete top and pour it in the workshop into a melamine form. 48 hours later we can polish it outdoors and then fill the air bubbles with a slurry so that it has a smooth finish. Concrete tops can be made in hundreds of colors and they can be totally custom sizes because we build the molds ourselves.

We also built these custom floating hickory shelves. They are "floating shelves"- you can't see the brackets at all. We used shelfology brackets as they are the best in the business and we actually built the shelves to fit perfectly around the brackets. We did the install as well. They are lock tight and super sturdy. You can't get heavy, solid shelves like these online that won't sag on your wall, and they need to be professionally installed to get it right. Custom and well built is the way to go.

If you have a section of your home for which you've been envisioning a new piece of wood furniture or concrete furniture, and you want it done just right, give us a call 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com