Reclaimed Oak Kitchen Island-Attached Table in Charlestown

This reclaimed oak table is attached directly to the kitchen island in this newly renovated Charlestown condominium. The idea behind the design is that the table can remain shorter, so that it doesn't encroach upon the doorway entry to the condo, but that there is more room for seating. The table is attached to a ledger that sits invisible between the skirts and is fastened sturdily to the island.

This reclaimed oak table also has a large extension so that 2 additional guests can be added to the table. Here at Cannon Hill we had our own proprietary table extension systems that work incredibly well. A 24" reclaimed oak extension is very heavy, and needs really strong support. 24" length is useful with the corner leg assembly, because those additional diners will have to sits on the far side of the corner legs. So they'll have a full two feet for their place setting, which is ideal.

Reclaimed oak is super durable and full of some incredible character. This table was made from barn lumber source locally in the Berkshires. It has an oil-based-urethane finish which is a little more satin than the matte oil finish, but it has an incredibly high degree of stain resistance. It resists stains from the most acidic foods like hot sauce and red wine for over 10 hours. They have a young child so stain resistance was very important to them. 

We make a lot of unique, custom sized pieces for people's homes. It's very rewarding to make someone a piece that they truly could not have sourced from a "high end" chain. 

Here's another reclaimed oak piece that we made:


If you're looking to do something unique, and you want it to be responsibly built, and locally hand-crafted and sourced, then look no further! Pleas send us an email at or call us at 857-576-2089. We're able to help you think about sizing, material, and finishes that will be best for your needs and space.