60" Walnut Round with Handmade Pedestal Base in West Roxbury

This 60" diameter walnut round was based on the old library tables at Roxbury Latin, the alma mater of one of the clients and the owner of Cannon Hill Woodworking. The two graduated years apart and only made the connection at the initial discussion the project. The school is just a few blocks from where the table now lives in West Roxbury. Those tables had a very heavy and severe way to them, as they were made of oak and stained dark. The lighter woods mixed into the walnut, and the really polished and beautifully hand carved base allows this table to be robust and sturdy, without being "clunky". It has a classic aesthetic with a modern feel because it was made by Cannon Hill and we do a lot to deliver a really polished and thought-through project. The base was designed back and forth from photographs. It's not purchased by a third party vendor and screwed to the table like virtually every other "custom" table maker in Boston would do. It's made from scratch materials, hand-picked by Cannon HIll's craftsmen at the lumber yard for the highest quality, and built component by component, custom to every detail that's been thoroughly discussed with the client beforehand. 

The trim circle is an nice addition. Unless many which are machine cut and piece together until they make it all the way around the table, this trim circle is the result of many dozens of thin walnut strips glued around a singular 57" diameter form, handmade especially and only for this project.

The top has a rounded edge with a subtle lip, a nice router detail that softens the thick edge. The table, as with all Cannon Hill Tables goes through a rigorous 5 step sanding process until it is super smooth and polished, and then we applied a topcoat finish that allows the walnut grain to pop.

We can also make round tables that extend! Check out this one. A large round table that opens to b a pill shape. 


This table is a six seater. It can be made larger or small. Such is the beauty of custom. If you're interested in starting a custom dining project, please reach out to us and we will walk you through every step of the process. Our number is 857-576-2089 and our email is info@cannonhillwood.com.