Laser Engraved Compass Rose Walnut Table in Waterfront Home

This table was a surprise 25th wedding anniversary present for the client's wife. We started with several design ideas: A compass rose, a sailboat, and the GPS coordinates of the island where the couple got engaged. The artwork was done special on this table by our friend Warren Rader at Rader's Engraving. He did an excellent job. So we made the 32" walnut round top perfectly smooth and flat as always. Then we built a crate special and brought it to Warren. He nailed the engraving. It's perfect. 

When we do any CNC engraving or Laser engraving in a table we find the right company to partner with. We typically charge a coordination fee and a design fee, and we try to make it happen for you. We essentially act as your guide and coordinator in selecting the right partner to do the work.

The base was designed and built by Cannon Hill Woodworking. The legs of the base aren't cut in a curve, rather they are each made of a dozen thin strips of walnut. We built a form or template custom for that specific table and then we glue the strips together and then clamp it to the form. As the glue dried, the legs stay in place. Then we hand plane them perfectly flat, and smooth them with a multi step sanding process. They come out incredible and are unlike anything you've seen elsewhere. 

If you're looking for a company that will work alongside you to make you a piece of furniture that is exactly what you hoped for, we're here for you. You'll really enjoy working with us. It will be an enjoyable and exciting process and the finished product will blow you away. 

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