Live Edge Cherry Slab Headboard

The client was "updating" bedrooms in their homes that had belonged to grown children who are now living on their own. The client has several cherry furniture items in their home, and likes the fact that cherry tends to darken with time (whereas most woods lighten). This live edge cherry headboard is made from two magnificent cherry slabs and has a food-safe chemical free oil finish. The slabs were flattened and book-matched.

The legs were made from milled cherry boards. It was important to know the height of the mattress and the width between the rails of the bed, because we were building this headboard for an existing metal frame to be simply attached. We installed the threaded inserts on site and so the bed frame bolts into the bed and can be removed and re-installed as many times as necessary because the connection is metal to metal.

Cherry is a fun material to work with. It's really beautiful and when it goes well in a space it looks absolutely gorgeous. We use it less than other woods because it's pink and salmon tones tend to clash with the dark/light contrast that everyone is going for these days. Another interesting quirk of cherry is that it darkens with time. Odds are, in several years, the part of this live edge cherry headboard that is hidden by the mattress will be lighter than the part that is exposed. It can even out anytime however if left exposed to sunlight.

These slabs we sourced locally. Book-matching allowed us to stay on budget and achieve the exact size that we wanted. It also gave us the really beautiful cream colored sapwood swirl in the middle of the headboard. 


Here' another bed that we made, but as a full frame in Iroko:


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