Live Edge Walnut with Curved Bases and Same Slab Extension in Charlestown

This gorgeous Claro walnut slab features a single-side extension, curved-leg bases, and a lacquer spray finish. As soon as this slab landed in our workshop we knew it would become a stunning piece of furniture. Claro walnut – actually a result of grafting and cross-pollination between eastern European and native American walnut species – grows in the American Northwest, and offers some of the most dramatic figure and coloration of any walnut variety. With a natural, live-edge outlines and the beauty inherent in the grain and tones of Claro, tables like this give us the chance to bring the elegance of the outdoors into our clients’ homes. A clear, spray-on lacquer finish offers the ultimate in durability to ensure that nothing will obscure the view.


The bases that these clients chose are a style we love to use on live-edge tables, because they have clean, sweeping lines that offer something of a contemporary contrast to the burliness of large slabs while also echoing nature’s tendency away from straight lines. We make the curved legs by resawing lumber – that is, cutting parallel to the face of boards – into thin, flexible strips that we laminate to each other and bend to a form in our workshop. By the time the laminating process is complete, we’ve got rock-solid legs that often have subtle variations in color – just like the tabletop above them.


For this particular project, given the size of the room and the needs of the clients, we cut off a section of one end of the slab to create a single extension. With Cannon Hill’s patent-pending extension system, removal and reinstallation of this piece is a tool-free breeze while remaining strong and totally stable. On this project, we were lucky enough to have material left over to create an equally remarkable side table; when we see a slab like this, we want to use every last bit of it.


As beautiful as walnut is, it’s far from the only species option. Check out another deeply-figured live edge slab table, this one in maple:


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