This is a new classic. This is the future and the present of desks. This is work from home. This is what people want in their homes now. Gone are the giant clunker desks with cabinets and shelves up the wazoo. Gone are the popularity of veneers and cheap materials, of modularity and over-building, gimmicky mass-produced crap. This is what people want to be productive- they want something clean and inspiring, they want something natural and solid, they want something beautiful and modern. They want a laptop, and small plant and a notepad and they want to get to work. This is what's up. This is what we do at Cannon Hill Woodworking. 

Check out elm! It's one of the most beautiful options out there. We make gorgeous desks!

Check out this elm table and bar top. Elm is sooooo awesome. We're going to make a lot of elm tables once we get the word out!

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