Elm is gorgeous. This elm slab is even more beautiful in person than it is in photos. Note, this is not the natural color of elm. Elm is a much lighter brown, and there are typically some vert subtle burnt orange undertones throughout. The slabs are clean, and the grain is really captivating without being over the top. The look of an elm slab will never get old. In this case, the client wanted a large live edge table, and they wanted to a specific dark color, but walnut was not quite the right color, and also walnut slabs are quire expensive. In general a live edge walnut slab is typically about 1.5X the cost of a similar live edge elm slab.

So this dining table, which is in a country club in Concord, Massachusetts, was born from a long collaborative process of sourcing a live edge slab through Berkshire Products. We sent many color samples to the client. Elm, like maple, does not take dark colors well. This table is one of those rare instances where we have to outsource the finishing of a table so that it comes out perfectly, so we pulled in our friends from Russell Architectural Finishing to mix the color into the lacquer spray.

Lacquer sprays are our our most commercial finishes on live edge slabs and they are most common in commercial or formal dining room settings. 

The base is one of our popular styles. It's a metal X with a beam running through it. Elm in not avallable milled, so this live edge elm table has an oak beam but you'd never be able to tell, especially given the dark stain.

Check out this elm table, which shows you what elm often looks like. This table has a similar base:


We're pros at sourcing elm, and we're pros and getting you the finish you want on a table, whether we do it in house, or whether we outsource it. If you're going to purchase a one-of-a-kind expensive live edge slab, you need to know that the company tasked with finishing it is going to hit a home run every time. 

If you want a custom live edge table, or any kind of table, please give us a call at 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com