Live Edge Maple Dining and Console Tables

When our client approached us for a large dining table (and a console table, too) to reside in their newly renovated South Shore home, they hadn’t yet made any firm decisions when it came to things like coloration or base style. All we really knew is that it was going to be big, in order to fit to the spacious new dining room. This uncertainty is exactly where we here at Cannon Hill set ourselves apart from other furnituremakers; the process of working with our clients to find just the right custom table for their home is our specialty. We have experience in all facets of building and design, so we’re equally comfortable engaging with homeowners, interior designers, architects, and general contractors. We speak all those languages fluently.

As we got a better sense for the aesthetics of the renovation - clean, bright lines with lots of sunlight and an elegant simplicity - we began to make our recommendations. A live-edge maple slab was the perfect piece for this project. With tones ranging from pale, creamy whites to reddish browns, maple fit the feel of the new space to a tee. The grain in a maple slab swirls fluidly, creating unique eye-catching patterns and the prized, light-bending effects known as figure. No two slabs are exactly alike and, as you can see, this super unique maple table top is like a piece of artwork. That’s what you get with a full live edge slab - a functional piece of art! The pale tans and golden ripples of this particular slab complement the color palette spectacularly.

The bases that our clients chose for this table are a style we love to use on live-edge tables, because they have clean, sweeping lines that offer something of a contemporary contrast to the burliness of large slabs while also echoing nature’s tendency away from straight lines. We make the curved legs by resawing lumber – that is, cutting parallel to the face of boards – into thin, flexible strips that we laminate to each other and bend to a form in our workshop. By the time the laminating process is complete, we’ve got rock-solid legs that often have subtle variations in color – just like the tabletop above them.

To see another variation on the curved-leg style that’s become something of a specialty here in our shop, follow the link below to see a different style.


No matter what sort of furniture you have in mind, Cannon Hill can make it a reality. To get a conversation started, fill out the “Contact” form here on our site, email, or call 857-567-2089. We look forward to hearing from you.