Live Edge Maple Table with Same-Slab Extender and Wishbone Base

Check out this incredible live edge maple table! This gorgeous maple slab came to us from Berkshire Products. After an extensive search, the client chose it herself, and she clearly made an awesome decision. She probably looked at over thirty possible slabs before making this decision. We help in that process. We have a trained and experienced eye so we're able to give meaningful advice during the process. Since the client is buying the slab directly from the distributor in some cases like these with more expensive slabs, we have no incentive to direct the cost up or down. We're merely here to point out any deficiencies that may or may not affect the longevity, aesthetic, or function or the final product and to help the client find the best possible slab in their price range.

The figure of this live edge maple table is incredible and the color pops at the crotch, where we left just enough to show that the tree was about to split into two large trunks. We filled the checking with black epoxy, but also installed 3 large oak bowties on the underside so that it will never move. If the slab needs it, we'll install bowties on the underside free of charge. That's included in the overall labor to shape and mold that slab into a beautiful live edge maple table. If we do inlays on the top for aesthetic, we do them more carefully by hand- with chisels and blades- and we charge for those inlays.

The client chose to cut her slab down 16 inches on one end so that it could fit more comfortably in her space. Since we have a floating extension system that has fully removable rails and invisible brackets, we were able to use that 16 inch piece as a table extender, so when it is attached it looks like a continuous slab! It's an awesome effect.

We've done it on other tables. Check out this walnut beauty:

The top has a matte lacquer finish. It brings out a beautiful "pop" in the colors of the maple, and in the spider vein figure by the crotch.The legs came from a company called YJ Interiors in Canada. We installed them to the underside of the table with threaded inserts and bolts so that they'll be super sturdy forever and if the client ever moves they can go back in the same inserts and there will be no weakening of the connection.

This table now lives in the South End. It's a masterpiece of Mother Nature! We really enjoy working with this client on this table. If you'd like help searching for a beautiful live edge slab that could be your new dining table or headboard please call us! 857-576-2089! Or email us at We'll get back to you quickly and teach you all about sourcing live edge slabs.