Classical Mahogany Dining Table

This gorgeous piece came about when a local high-end interior designer approached us looking for a dining table befitting their clients’ stately home. The clear choice of material was mahogany, famed for its gloriously warm red tones and the visual depth of the grain patterns. In a space like this, in a wood like mahogany, it was clear that we were going to have to develop a design that could stand up to the elements around it while also fitting in. If the interior designer and their clients’ reaction are any indication, we’ve more than succeeded.

The edge profile of the tabletop is known as an “ogee” and there are countless variations of size and proportion. It took some back-and-forth, but together we landed on just the right silhouette for the client. The ogee edge has a long - centuries-old - history in furnituremaking and architectural millwork, so it seemed appropriate on a table for a home like this one. An ogee presents a particular sort of challenge when the table has extensions, as this one does. Because of the nature of the profile, the top plane of the tabletop is actually stepped back from the leading edge, which projects out almost half an inch. In order to create a smooth, unbroken surface when the extensions are in place, we need to create a lip on the inside end of each extension that corresponds to the ogee and reaches out over it to marry up with the main table. It’s a careful bit of detailing that can make or break the finished product.

The base on this table needed to fit the aesthetic of the home around it just as well as the top did, so after consulting with the designer and clients, and reviewing some of their inspiration images, we landed on this elegant and traditional corner-leg assembly with skirt. With their straightforward, but distinctly classical styling, these legs were the perfect solution. That doesn’t mean that they were easy to make though, and Cannon Hill’s lathe got quite the workout in the making of these turned and tapered legs.

This table showcases some of our abilities when it comes to traditional furniture, but Cannon Hill is equally at home in the modern era. Check out this totally custom table for clients in Brewster, MA at the link below:


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