Mahogany Table with Pedestal Bases in Cambridge

This mahogany table was so incredibly enjoyable to make. It's one of our favorite woods because it's so elegant and regal and yet it has more durability than most other wood types and is even suitable for outdoor use. There are several types of mahogany that can be sourced in New England- though none of the trees are from here. There is Honduran mahogany, and then there is Sipo Mahogany and African Mahogany or Sapele.

This table is made from Sipo. It's the most beautiful of the three in our opinion though beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder.This mahogany table with a pedestal base and extenders began as a "material TBD" project. We'd already decided upon the design and size, so the clients put down a deposit to get in our queue. They were chosing between Cherry, Walnut, and Mahogany, which all came with very slight price differences. We provided the clients with several samples- dropped them in a paper bag right on their doorstep because they happened to leave nearby- and they chose what they thought looked best in their space. We later dropped off samples of router detail options for the edge of the table which can be a really nice touch to make the table seem like more of a piece of art.

Here is another table we did made from Sipo mahogany without a router detail edge and with metal bases:

It's funny how different people have different aesthetic preferences when it comes to their custom furniture and how it goes in their space. Some people want to stay in the same range of color, some people want to find something that will stand out. What one person sees as a clash, another person sees as a beautiful contrast. It's our job to provide you with as much information as we can to make an informed and confident decision about your custom dining table, but we can't make the decision for you. As you can see there is red in the floors on this beautiful Somerville home and the table looks awesome in the space. 

The table has a lacquer spray finish which we do in house at about half the cost of high end professional spray services. We're able to keep the cost down for just that reason: we do it in house. Know what kind of a finish your table is getting and ask questions!

The base for this table was also made entirely custom and by hand. We stack up and glue together each section and then carve it on the band saw and then continue to stack and assemble. The clients gave us several designs that they liked, and chose elements from each design, and then we sent them hand drawings. Once we've agreed upon a truly unique and custom design, we get to work. On a project like this the base takes more time to make than the top. There are machine made pedestals on the market but they are less beautiful and usually made in inexpensive lighter woods like ash and soft maple. They're usually meant to be stained or painted. If you want a table as unique and custom as this, you need Cannon Hill Woodworking to make it for you.


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Table length 84" Seats: 10

With extenders: 108" Seats 12+

Width: 41"