Maple live edge table in Seaport Condo

The grain of a maple tree slab swirls fluidly, creating unique eye-catching patterns. No two slabs are exactly alike which is why some people feel strongly that they want to see the grain pattern of their slab before they buy it. This is only truly possible if you buy your slab from a large distributor like Berkshire Product. If we source a slab from a smaller distributor there is going to a top layer of weathered wood that conceals the pattern. 

This live-edge maple table was made of two book-matched maple slabs from the same Silver Maple tree. The tree was sourced from Pennsylvania and came our way via a sawyer in Maine. The finished wood is light, but has dark tones so it fits well in any space.

When you book match you table, maple or otherwise, you have more control of the overall width of the table while being able to keep both live edges. We can manipulate the angles of the straight cuts that meet in the middle to bring the entire maple live edge table to a relatively uniform, or rectangular, width.

Here's another example of a beautiful book match live edge table, this one being walnut:

Typically, we install metal bases on our live edge tables. The clean and modern look of the metal allows each unique slab to be the center of attention. Its the most popular style these days because the metal complements the slab without taking too much attention away from it. Metal is also heavier than wood, so we can have a sleek base that is still heavy enough to support the live edge table top. 

A skirt and square leg assembly on a live edge maple table would be too boxy and straight and would clash with the freely moving lines of the maple slab. This particular metal base is a full-frame trapezoid trestle. We can powder coat our metal bases any color or sheen imaginable, but a matte black is the most common. 

As you can see, this super unique maple table top is like a piece of artwork in this modern Seaport condo. That's what you get with a full live edge slab- a functional piece of art! The color of this particular Silver maple- the off-white background and the rich brown swirls- complement the walls and floors of this condo perfectly. It's a color palate match made in woodworking and design heaven. 

Reach out to us about a live edge dining table. We're knowledgeable about sourcing live edge slabs locally and are pros at shaping, filling, and treating them for a lifetime as a table top, headboard, or desk. Call Cannon Hill Woodworking today. Let's get started!

Table Height: 31 inches

Table Width: 38 inches (on average)

Table length: 84 inches (7 feet), seats 8-10 comfortably