Maple Coffee Table in Newly Built Mountain Cabin in North Carolina

The client grew up in the Berkshires and has since moved to North Carolina. This maple slab from Berkshire Products was a rare find, in that it was so wide and also short. The home was built in the mountains of North Carolina, so we shipped the table and apparently the first delivery truck that came to drop it off couldn't even make it up the mountain road. This table is an incredible maple, the grain pops magnificently with a Rubio oil "pure" finish. The bases were custom made as well for this top.

Believe it or not, a small table like this can require a lot of work emailing back and forth, sourcing, designing. We're talking about weeks of work to get this piece just right for the client. It's a unique, meaningful, truly one of a kind piece that looks even better in person than it does in photos, the opposite what you get with all high end furniture retailers. 

Here's another maple table, to show you the diversity of color in maple species:

Call us! We'll get you a ballpark price quickly after just a little information, and we'll help you source lumber and walk you through the entire process, whether you are in Massachusetts or elsewhere. We built a custom crate for this table and within a week we had these gorgeous photos in North Carolina. Our number is 857-576-2089 and our email is